Students’ Scaffolded Inquiry

Teachers of any subject can provide scaffolds and classroom culture to help students PreK-post-secondary, of all abilities, develop inquiry skills and attitudes. 

 Students’ Scaffolded Inquiry topics include: iPhone Image CD65E4

. Inquiry in high quality project based learning

. Helping students strengthen critical thinking, learn logical decision-making, and how to understand diverse views

. Creating a classroom culture of inquiry 

. Helping students assess articles, blogs, and videos 

. Helping learners ask relevant questions based on Right Question Institute’s question formulation technique

This is a hands-on, interactive workshop.

With inquiry, learners ask questions and investigate, for example, through reflection on prior learning, discussion, writing, readings, surveys, interviews, observations, or experiments. Once students find initial answers they ask deeper questions and continue to investigate. Learners involved with inquiry consider feedback, self-assess, and revise as needed.

To make wise decisions as learners, family, wider community members, consumers, and challenge-solvers we need to ask the right questions, find and make sense of data, and ask more questions to go deeper. Supporting Students Inquiry workshop goes hand-in-hand with our High Quality Project-Based Learning workshops.

Inquiry is used for deeper learning of content and is embedded in academic standards such as Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Inquiry supports success proficiencies such as Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Creativity, and Habits of Mind.   

Students’ inquiry forwards problem-solving and lifelong learning, which are goals in school, district,  and state learning visions –  for example Maine Department of Education Guiding Principles.

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