Quality Project Based Learning – Introduction (One-Day)

In this Introduction, learn how high quality project based learning, for PreK – adult learners, general, special needs, or gifted is organized and with guidance and resources begin to plan a unit in any subject or interdisciplinary for your students.

  • Identify a real-life challenge your learners will work to solve 
  • Outline your students’ products
  • Identify academic standards and success proficiencies* the unit forwards
  • Gain introductory knowledge of High Quality Project Based Learning’s features
  • Receive Planning Guide

In high quality project based learning your students from PreK – adult learners, general, special needs, or gifted are intrinsically motivated because they work to solve an authentic challenge and present their findings.

Structure, scaffolds, and inquiry are throughout. Students have voice and choice, agency, and progress with academic standards and success proficiencies*.  

Introduction to Quality Project Based Learning workshop is interactive and includes collaboration, planning time, concrete examples, multiple online and hard copy resources, Planning Guide, and video of challenge-solving projects.

* Success Proficiencies examples: 21st Century Skills (e.g. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Creativity, Collaboration, Communications, Technology), Habits of Mind, your school’s, district’s or state’s learning vision or “guiding principles.

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