Participants’ Comments


– Educators Peer Coaching. I did so enjoy the workshop – it was comfortable, informative, and practical; I feel like I can go to school in the fall, review my notes, and put peer coaching into practice. I know the staff enjoyed the workshop at least as much as I did and I feel very comfortable recommending your workshops to the administration in MSAD 11.
Susan Shepherd, Teaching Principal
Teresa S. Hamlin School/MSAD 11
Randolph, Maine/Gardiner, Maine 

– Quality Project Based Learning. Thanks for a great workshop Lee Anna!  What a great group we had! I feel really happy that I came to this. You provided tons of great resources that I’ll be able to use going forward. It was a great value. Thanks so much for facilitating an authentic learning community!
Billie Cleveland
ELA – Reading/Writing Teacher
Maranacook Community Middle School, RSU 38
Readfield, Maine

– Quality Project Based Learning. The “quality” descriptor is definitely appropriate. Lee Anna modeled protocols and pedagogy so we could get direct experience using strategies before taking them back to our classrooms. I left the workshop with a plan for a project based learning unit that had been critiqued by my peers before I try it with my students. The feedback from other professionals was extremely helpful in planning my first project based learning unit. I learned so much and made some excellent connections with new colleagues. Thank you again for the Quality Project Based Learning workshop!
Kate Drummond
Science Teacher
Skowhegan Area High School, Skowhegan, Maine

Educators Peer Coaching. The workshop prepared me for peer coaching. I feel I could both learn from peer coaching and help someone else. The workshop was clear, organized and we had time to work together. Time flew.
Deborah Viens
Kindergarten Teacher
Teresa C. Hamlin School/MSAD 11
Randolph, Maine/Gardiner, Maine     

Quality Project Based Learning. The workshop walked us through the steps to implement project based learning in any classroom environment. I came in with little to no knowledge of project based learning and am leaving the two-day workshop with a project ready to roll out with my students. I enjoyed the information I gained and also the networking with other educators. Lee Anna clearly understands the process of effective instruction. Great experience!
Jessica DeJongh
Teacher, Grade 3
Farrington School
Augusta School Department
Augusta, Maine

– Quality Project Based Learning. This workshop gave me the opportunity to focus on a unit to teach with valuable feedback from other participants. Lee Anna provided a variety of ways to present information and share. The workshop was very well organized and moved at just the right pace. There was a lot of time to bounce ideas off of other people from a variety of backgrounds and grade levels. We had plenty of time to actually create our project. I already have ideas for a couple more challenges! I loved the collaboration among everyone present. It epitomized the 4Cs – collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.
Lori Swenson
Teacher, Grade 3
Bloomfield Elementary, RSU 54
Skowhegan, Maine

Educators Peer Coaching. The workshop was very helpful in preparing me for peer coaching. I liked how it was presented in manageable steps and not overwhelming. I love that arts were incorporated into the workshop. The presenter was knowledgable and kind. I like this peer coaching model because it is teacher-centered vs. coach-centered. 
Bonnie Bannister, Teacher
Teresa C. Hamlin School/MSAD 11
Randolph, Maine/Gardiner, Maine

–  Quality Project Based Learning. This is a great workshop! Lee Anna Stirling is very knowledgeable in this area. Provided great resources and discussion. The pace and activities varied, kept teachers engaged. I love how you modeled the activities. Looking forward to taking this back to my school.
Leslie Marquis
Community High School, MSAD 27
Fort Kent, Maine

– Quality Project Based Learning… it was wonderful.
Tennille Moore, Math Teacher
Mt. Desert Island High School
Bar Harbor, Maine

– Quality Project Based Learning. Lee Anna Stirling is exceptional as a presenter. This course totally exceeded my expectations! Lee Anna provided time to listen, time to write, time to learn. We had time to share and assist peers. The format was weighted perfectly so as to accentuate standards and assessments. Using the outline it was ideal to take my reflection notes. She listens to us and learned about us individually. Lee Anna’s pace is excellent. I especially loved having daily agendas in front of me each day, to follow along. This class gives me the confidence to not put off my learning progress.
Sally Merchant
Mt. Desert Island High School
Bar Harbor, Maine

–  Educators Peer Coaching. This workshop was helpful. I learned about the role of the coach and the teacher and how to do both. We had time to talk which was enjoyable.
Cynthia Snow, Teacher
Teresa C. Hamlin School, MSAD 11 
Randolph, Maine/Gardiner, Maine

– Quality Project Based Learning. Lee Anna is very friendly and knowledgeable, had many resources. Very open to ideas, positive. Everyone seemed highly motivated. Time was well managed. The material is useful. I really didn’t know what this class would be about when I signed up, but after the first session I could see how my whole project would play out.
Amy Hart
William S. Cohen Middle School, Bangor School Department
Bangor, Maine

Quality Project Based Learning. This workshop provided tools/structure I can bring back and model for teachers. The various protocols, developing my project, time to work, and conversations/feedback from peers were very valuable.
Jandrea True, Principal
Tremont Consolidated School, Bass Harbor, Maine
Mt. Desert Island Regional School System, AOS 91
Bar Harbor, Maine

– Quality Project Based Learning. Great job.
Jolane Clawson
Special Education ELA and Math, Grades 4-6
Piscatquis Community Elementary School, SAD #4, Guilford, Maine

– Educators Peer Coaching. I enjoyed discussing ways to partner coach. I appreciate this peer coaching model because it is non-evaluative.
Stephanie Dickson,  Teacher
Teresa C. Hamlin School, MSAD 11
Randolph, Maine/Gardiner, Maine

– This course exceeded my expectations. I really was in the dark about challenge-solving projects and how effective they could be. Lee provided exceptional attention to group as well as the individual. She is a very thoughtful presenter.
Dana Geel
Bangor High School, Bangor School Department
Bangor, Maine

– I learned inquiry lessons, project-based lessons and units, integrating technology, scaffolding, formative and summative assessments.

– I loved it…Variety in presenting – videos, discussion, informational, organized.

– Thank you for offering this type of course.

– I learned how to use inquiry as a vehicle for instruction, increasing student engagement and motivation.

– It was so helpful to have the independent work time but with guidance.

– [I gained] the ability to create an inquiry unit, and plan it out so I could take it back and easily implement.