Educators Peer Coaching WORKSHOP

Educators Peer Coaching Workshop is for faculty or administrators interested in peer coaching others or being peer coached. Whether as follow-up to training or for other professional development needs, through peer coaching educators receive personalized individual support that provides professional learning for both the inviting educator and the coach. University of New England spotlights research on our peer coaching framework – here.

Educators’ Peer Coaching Workshop includes: 

– Overview of the peer coaching process


– Examples of directive, collaborative, and recipient-directed coaching
– Practice in collaborative and recipient-directed coaching
– Supporting recipient (inviting educator) in identifying and narrowing down the focus 
– Helping inviting educator identify baseline data and informal assessments of  progress

Participants actively participate in this workshop. 

For positive results in practice, providing educators with opportunities for support when they implement new strategies is important. With peer coaching, since the coach is not the same person who evaluates and information does not go into records – the inviting educator is more comfortable sharing questions and perceived weaker areas.

Workshop participants practice a developmental coaching process that empowers recipients to take charge of their own professional learning. A similar coaching process can be used by instructional coaches and supervisors, as a part of their strategies.

With capacity building peer coaching, both the inviting educator’s and the coach’s knowledge, skills, and agency are strengthened, resulting in students’ academic and social learning gains.  

Educators Peer Coaching Participants’ Comments

I did so enjoy the workshop – it was comfortable, informative, and practical; I feel like I can go to school in the fall, review my notes, and put peer coaching into practice. I know the staff enjoyed the workshop at least as much as I did and I feel very comfortable recommending your workshops to the administration in MSAD 11.
Susan Shepherd, Teaching Principal, Teresa S. Hamlin School, Randolph, Maine, MSAD 11

The workshop was very helpful in preparing me for peer coaching. I liked how it was presented in manageable steps and not overwhelming. I love that arts were incorporated into the workshop. The presenter was knowledgable and kind. I like this peer coaching model because it is teacher-centered vs. coach-centered. 
Bonnie Bannister Second/Third Grade Teacher, Teresa C. Hamlin School, Randolph, Maine, MSAD 11

I enjoyed discussing ways to partner coach. I appreciate that this peer coaching model is non-evaluative. Stephanie Dickson, Third/Fourth/Fifth Grade Teacher, Teresa C. Hamlin School, Randolph, Maine, MSAD 11

The workshop prepared me for peer coaching. I feel I could both learn from peer coaching and help someone else. The workshop was clear, organized and we had time to work together. Time flew.     Deborah Viens, Kindergarten Teacher, Teresa C. Hamlin School, Randolph, Maine, MSAD 11

This workshop was helpful. I learned about the role of the coach and the teacher and how to do both. We had time to talk which was enjoyable.
Cynthia Snow, First Grade Teacher, Teresa C. Hamlin School, Randolph, Maine, MSAD 11  

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