Deeper Learning Assessment Resources

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Buck Institute for Education. Free Rubrics.
Deeper Learning. Free Rubrics.
EdLeader21. Rubrics for assessing Critical Thinking, Communications, Collaboration, Creativity.

Education Week PD Directory. Assessing problem-solving in younger students.

Edutech for Teachers. Creating Rubrics.

Edutopia. Socratic Seminar Assessments.

Hennigh, E. Word Problem Demonstration Using the UPS Check Graphic Organizer VIDEO

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Maine Department of Education Guiding Principles.

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Mindset Works. Growth mindset assessment.

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PERTS. Growth mindset assessment.

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Teaching Channel. Assessment of students’ deeper learning. Grades 9-12 Performance Assessment.VIDEO.

Teaching Channel. Formative Assessment Using the U-P-S Strategy. VIDEO.

Teaching Channel. Performance as culminating activity. VIDEO.

Teaching Channel.  VIDEO Student portfolio defense demonstrating mastery and growth. .

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assessments to inform and improve student performance. San Francisco:Jossey-Bass

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