Lee Anna Stirling, Ed.D. has been a classroom teacher and special education teacher, administrator, instructional coach, and grant writer in Maine, South Boston and Cambridge, MA, New Hampshire, the Bronx, and Colegio Panamericano in Bucaramanga, Colombia and works in schools, research, and graduate education.

I work with educators on quality project-based learning including scaffolded inquiry because I know from experience as a classroom teacher and from research when students learn this way not only do they retain learning, they develop skills and attitudes that foster constructive participation in school and in life.

 I work with educators on peer coaching because I know from my experience as a teacher and instructional coach, my doctoral studies in professional development at Teachers College, Columbia and continuing research, capacity building peer coaching provides needed implementation support and forwards a culture of inquiry and learning, resulting in best practices with students.

  – Lee Anna    

Lee Anna has provided deeper learning for elementary, middle school, high school, college, and graduate students. She works with teachers and administrators as they plan and implement high quality project-based learning for their students.

Lee Anna developed and conducts research on a capacity building peer coaching framework for teachers and administrators that strengthens their peers’ work and their own work. She is an ASCD EDge and Edutopia blogger, leads ASCD Edge Project-Based Inquiry Learning and Challenge-Solving Deeper Learning.

Lee Anna Stirling is an Institute for Humane Education Advisory Board member, proposal reviewer for American Educational Research Association, Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning Consulting Editor, and is a member of Learning Forward and Learning Forward New England. At University of New England, Dr. Stirling teaches graduate education courses. Lee Anna has served as Journal of Maine Education Editor and Maine ASCD Vice President/Programs Chair, and has presented about educators’ peer coaching at the New England Educational Research Organization (NEERO) Annual Conference.

Lee Anna Stirling’s articles have been published in Phi Delta Kappan, Journal of Maine Education, and New England Journal of Higher Education.


Ed.D. Teachers College, Columbia

M.S.Ed. Lesley University

B.S. Syracuse University (Sophomore year, Brooklyn College)

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